• Forms Management

    Forms Management

    • Securely Warehoused
    • Temperature Controlled
    • Monitored Stock control
    • Regular Stock Updates

PWFM provides a variety of solutions for the provision of forms management. All forms are stored and warehoused under temperature and humidity controlled conditions. Stock is monitored to ensure it is of a consistently high standard. PWFM can provide a forms call-off service and this can be on a weekly, monthly or bespoke arrangement. This can either be invoiced into stock or by specific arrangement, can also be invoiced on delivery. A stock update will then be provided on a regular basis.

Forms Management

PWFM has a wealth of experience in providing a forms management solution to a number of its clients. This can be by simply placing ordered forms stock into a warehouse and providing a call-off of that stock on either a bespoke call-off arrangement or indeed on a more regular monthly or fortnightly basis. This service can either be an agreed automated bespoke service whereby the customer has an agreed regular quantity of forms delivered to site against prearranged dates throughout the year, or on a telephone or email call-off basis when stock is required.

Alternatively, because of seasonal peculiarity the customer may require an arrangement where they can call-off stock as and when required, throughout the year by simply contacting us when this stock is necessary to be delivered.

Upon call-off of stock, PWFM will then provide an updated stock report that shows what stock has been previously called off and also provide a balance of stock remaining in the warehouse.

An arrangement can be made that forms are invoiced into stock or are indeed invoiced on each individual call-off request.

When stock levels are low against the pattern of customer call-off, PWFM will then contact the customer advising and reminding them of their current stock levels and will provide advice as to when a new order of stock should be placed so that new stock arrives in time for a seamless continuity of provision.

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