PWFM specialises in providing end user organisations with a comprehensive service to generate sealed documents using pressure seal technology.

We have over 25 years’ experience in the design of pressure seal solutions for both in-house and outsourced bureau applications. PWFM will guide customers on the whole subject of pressure seal applications by providing the fullest information.

PWFM supplies pressure seal business forms and pressure seal equipment, ensuring that the highest standards of customer service are always maintained. We purchase from established manufacturers and select according to their suitability for particular applications.

Whether your organisation is an existing pressure seal user looking to change current arrangements or a new user thinking about introducing pressure seal technology, it is our purpose to ensure that your business makes substantial gains based on our involvement.

Move over to pressure seal technology and increase productivity

Pressure seal methods are quicker, use less labour compared to other mailing methods, and allow companies to dispose of their old dot matrix printers.

Production of payroll documents, pin number notifications, and customer billing are just a few applications that are ideally suited to pressure seal mailing.

If the production of sealed documents in your organisation is not yet based on pressure seal technology, PWFM would be delighted to evaluate existing applications and prepare a proposal for your consideration.

We can usually provide access to working examples by introducing prospective clients to an end user successfully using the pressure seal application you have in mind.

Automate Manual Methods

Is your organisation still manually inserting envelopes in the belief that volumes aren’t big enough to support investment in pressure seal technology?

If so, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that pressure seal equipment has come down in price considerably over the last few years. A pressure seal application can now be cost-justified on the basis of much smaller volumes.

Upgrade to latest equipment

Your organisation’s existing equipment may be reaching the end of its useful life, be unable to cope with latest volumes or perhaps the equipment is becoming failure-prone, resulting in extended processing times and increased operating costs.

Continuous improvements in pressure seal equipment make it advisable for users to regularly appraise existing machinery to see if latest pressure seal technology can generate cost savings, and achieve further improvements for their business. There is also no need to dig into the capital budget as all capital equipment can be leased and financed through the PWFM finance management facility.

PWFM can review your existing equipment and, if appropriate, prepare a case for upgrading to latest technology.

Laser printed pressure seal forms are our speciality

The laser printing of business forms in conjunction with pressure seal technology permits a massively superior presentation compared to earlier data mailer methods. No longer is the customer given the poorest copy.

The uninterrupted generation of pressure seal output requires a balanced appreciation of both laser printing and pressure seal technology.

Should you be experiencing technical difficulties and equipment down time, we can quickly diagnose the cause. Where problems recur and an underlying reason has not been diagnosed, we would be delighted to get involved.

Should you be dissatisfied with the service provided by your existing business form supplier, or if you have not reviewed prices for some time, we would be pleased to provide an alternative quotation for your consideration.

PWFM uses a number of respected manufacturers who specialise in pressure seal applications.

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