Whilst in the provision of its usual management services PWFM was approached by one of its customers with whom the company has had a professional relationship for over 20 years. PWFM was requested to quote for the provision of managed services for the outsourcing of the extra new business that the said company had recently acquired.

However, the company to whom we are referring will as per PWFM company policy, will remain anonymous.

What we can say however, is that the company to whom we are referring is a very large Blue Chip organisation and is a major company providing financial services, advice and activity into the company pensions’ market sector.

The said company to which we are referring was at the time providing an In house pressure seal payroll mailing solution to all of its company pension clients, but realised that the business it had recently acquired would indeed put more adverse pressure into their office based activity which was already at its production capacity. The advised solution provided by PWFM was to take away all payroll printing and mailing activity and to place this with a specialised security printing organisation who could handle the work more efficiently and effectively.

On realisation of what could be achieved the said company made a decision to outsource all of the existing payroll printing and mailing production including the new business activity it had recently acquired.

The company currently has no in house pressure seal capability having now outsourced this on the advice of PWFM and enjoys the freedom that the managed solution provides with removal of its in-house printing and mailing responsibility.

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